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Digital Certification Resources - Teachers

Click to visit the Digital Certification website. Access resources that describe the three digital certification processes needed to meet CDE requirements for Virtual School Attendance.

Temporary Internet Services and Computer Devices for Home

The School District has determined that approximately 5% of ABC students do not have Internet service or a computer device at home. ABC's Online Learning at Home program requires that each student have access to basic Internet, and a computer device, laptop, Chromebook, or iPad.

5th Grade Parent Survey- Please complete

Every year we ask the parents of 5th graders to fill out an online survey. This data is used to help us to assess our school and gather information from our 5th grade parents about our school climate. We ask that each 5th grade parent take this survey. Once you complete the survey, please send a note to your child's classroom teacher so your child will receive 2 Paw cards for reminding you to take the survey. Thank you for your help. Here is the link to the survey:
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