PBIS Behavior Matrix and Rewards

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Lunch Tables

Lunch Line




Be polite to all

Use appropriate  language and volume

Listen when others are speaking

Accept differences

Respect property

Quiet zone  

Always walk

Walk on the right

Quiet zone

Use restroom for its purpose only

Use facilities properly

Give everyone privacy

Follow posted game rules

Respect equipment and return to cart

Keep playground clean

Use “I” Messages

Use partner voices

Keep Elliott clean

Use “please”and “thank you”

Wait to be excused

Mind personal space

Face forward

Take turns

Be a good  audience

Use appropriate language and volume

Respect property




Include and help others

Be positive


Use good manners

Hands and feet to  

Stop to allow
another to pass

Help others

Take turns

Wait patiently

Be quick, quiet, and clean

Be polite to others

Use “good job nice try”

Everyone welcome

Treat everyone with fairness and kindness

Use appropriate language and volume

Speak kindly to each other and noon supervisors

Speak so the cafeteria worker can hear you

Be patient

Use good manners

Mind personal space

Use good manners



Be prepared

Be on time and be ready to learn

Complete assignments

Follow directions

Be safe

Take care of supplies

Eyes forward

Avoid the gold semi-circle

Walk directly to your destination

Keep our hallways clean

Wash your hands

Throw waste materials in the trash

Turn off water and flush toilets

Return to class promptly

Walk on the blacktop

Stay within boundary lines

Eat at tables only

Take personal items back to the classroom

Put trash in the trashcan

Eat your own meal

Line up alphabetically

Stay in the line

Be prepared with your food choices

Make healthy choices



Follow teacher instructions